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Introducing my blogging mission

Hi there!

Welcome to my first blog post. In this post I will let you know what is my blog mission statement and what areas/themes I will develop along the way.

Many topics will be fitted in the following categories:

Inspired by nature: I’ll share the things that inspire me on a daily basis, like the local flora and the beautiful landscapes of Northern Ireland and Portugal.

Trends: I love trends,  and I love spotting them and to be updated with the last ones. Under this category, I will share my vision on trends.

Behind the scenes: I’ll share my print development process with you, showing the techniques that I use. This will be accompanied by visuals and sneak peaks of prints.

Heroes: I’ll reveal my personal heroes in the industry, visual arts and design.

Inspired by…. A personal take on things that inspired me outside of the realm of visual arts and design. This can be a book, a song, a poem, or a distant memory… the sky is the limit. I’m looking forward to share these with you.

I invite you to visit my blog on a weekly basis as I will do my very best to produce posts regularly.  The aim of this blog is to provide a  platform where I’ll share inspirations, techniques and personal takes on the industry. And please, feel free to leave comments!

 I hope you enjoy.

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