Chestnut collection

  • Chestnut print collection by Catarina Guerreiro
  • Chestnut collection, print main by Catarina Guerreiro
  • Chestnut print collection by Catarina Guerreiro


Date: August 2014
Medium: Monoprint on paper, digital painting
Size: 420 x 630 mm



This collection’s hand-drawn elements are interpretations of autumn’s transformative quality..

1. Against the autumnal background, the rebel white lines stand for the wind of change. This invisible force is also suggested in the graphic and textural accents scattered randomly on the page, thus enhancing the transformation and energy of the subject.

2. A blunt composition of monotype leaves, crafted in different styles, show the different stages of autumn leaves, eventually changing to yellow hues and falling.

3.  This complementary print is designed to enhance the complexity of the ones above. Cold, maritime blue stripes represent colder temperatures settling in.


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