Google tumb blog post by Catarina Guerreiro

Inspired by… Google maps

I’m a fan of Google maps. I love using it and imagine myself in rather unexpected locations.

This time I found yet another interesting visual, when I accidentally zoom out on the territory north of Canada. Me and my boyfriend might move to Canada next year, so in the middle of my lunch break, I excitingly went to Google maps to see what the future might bring. I started by dandling around the city of London and imagining myself and my beautiful life in Toronto, when I zoomed out and went North, zoomed in and move left, and oh-oh.. my screen framed the beautiful picture of north Quebec that you can see above. A miriade of lakes, cut into the earth to form this incredible pattern, a natural one, as perfect and chaotic as it is.

Google tumb blog post by Catarina Guerreiro

Credit to be given to google maps, giving us the opportunity to see how beautiful and inspiring this planet is.

Inspired by... Christmas holidays in Portugal

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